Swimmer Brief

Please read the briefing below and review all attachments to familiarize yourself with parking, check in and start procedures.

  • Please arrive to the bleacher section of Aquatic Park by 0730.
  • Your’e encouraged to catch a ride to the start however there is free 4 hour parking at the end of Van Ness Ave & also metered parking along the streets.
  • At check-in you will be body marked and get a color coded cap.
  • Pre-race brief will begin at 0830. Please listen carefully to instructions for following the course buoys and emergency procedures.
  • At 0915 Swimmers will be transported by car to the east side of Crissy Field Beach
  • Swimmers will swim out 25 yards from shore then swim eastward toward aquatic park
  • Listen to directions/guidance from your kayaker
  • If you live locally in the Bay Area, please try to secure your own safety kayaker.
  • The swim will finish at Aquatic Park. If you are bringing a friend or family member, they may wish to take a car to meet you at the finish. There is free 4 hour parking at the end of Van Ness Ave.

Items to bring

  • Wetsuit-mandatory unless cleared by Ryan Nelson and Rory O’Connor PRIOR to race morning.
  • Goggles (bring an extra pair just in case)
  • Towel & clothes for finish

Other items

  • Please bring all fundraising checks/cash in sealed and marked envelope to check in.
  • Please read the attached emergency procedures and also the kayak brief. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these procedures.

Remember to join us at the post-race party Capurro’s Restaurant and bar, featuring food, drinks, plus an awards ceremony. Entry wristbands for friends and family will be available at early check in, the finish area for $15 each.  Address:  498 Jefferson St San Francisco CA 94109

Swimmer brief:
Swimmers will enter the water at the east end of Crissy Field, swim approximately 50 yards north, then swim east along the San Francisco waterfront while being assisted by a 3 knot flood tide.  Swimmers are not to venture north past our line of support boats & kayakers. Upon approaching municipal pier (a long curved breakwater wall) swimmers need to stay close to the outside of the pier, then make a sharp right turn at the opening/entrance of Aquatic Park. From the opening of Aquatic Park, swim/aim toward the 2 tall twin towers of Fontana Hall. There will be a archway on the beach at the finish of the swim.
We are expecting water temperatures anywhere from 55 ~ 60 degrees F with the possibility of fog and choppy water (depending on wind). *If you have not swam in sub 60 degree F water, I strongly encourage that you make a trip to Aquatic Park prior to the swim and make sure you feel comfortable spending at least 1 hour swimming in your wetsuit.

We will host a warm-up / practice swim at Aquatic Park on Saturday 7/13 (time TBD)

If you live locally in the SF bay Area, please do your best to secure your own kayak/kayaker if possible.

Remember to relax and have fun! We will have plenty of people watching over you on the water.

If you have any questions about swimming in the bay, please don’t hesitate to contact Ryan Nelson at 813-765-2707